Our Product Names

Friends and family are a big part of my life, as they probably are yours.  I thought it would be cool to describe why some of our products are named what they are.  Here’s some background info.

The Ballard

Named after one of my closest friends and best-man at my wedding, Brian Ballard.  My first hiking buddy and one of the best dudes I know.  We’ve been through a lot of injuries, life changes, and happy moments together.  This hat design reminds me of a time that he climbed a rock facing that was a little intense, without gear, deep in the wilderness.  #olderandwisernow

The Chomout

The Chomout is named after a talented friend and tech guru, Seth Chomout.  He was one of, if not the first person to order this hat, as well an original supporter of Otter Mountain.  If you need some web / tech advice, hit him up at sethlife.com, he can help or point you in the right direction.

The Booe

The Booe is named after a great friend, tremendous leader / mentor, and someone who challenges me to be better every day, William Booe.  He has been a big supporter of Otter Mountain from early on and makes a difference to others on a daily basis.  The color scheme of the hat fits due to his service in the USAF.

The Cannon

Named after another good friend, David Cannon.  Like David, The Cannon is colorful, in a good way.  David is like a brother from another mother who I can sit down with any time and talk about Leadership and/or Life.  A great business mind and another friend who I have had several great adventures with.  I’m still apologizing about the ski run catastrophe of 2015!

The Dickenson

Once again, you can see the pattern here, a good friend, Zack Dickenson.  The Dickenson is a simple design, which is anything but Zack!  Zack is a dude with many talents.  I credit Zack with getting me into bushcraft (survival stuff) and Mora knives. Zack is also a walking ninja, so be warned!

The Feldhaus

Oh … where do I begin with this one – another good friend.  The Feldhaus, like its namesake is anything but average.  A foam trucker hat that is unique and adventurous, like one Colin Feldhaus. This is the guy who never backs down from any adventure.  A great guy with a great heart, a little bit of hippie, and a whole lot of rebel!

The Lopez

The Lopez, a classic, just its namesake, Leo Lopez.  Leo is one of my oldest and dearest friends, a good 35-years or so worth.  Leo is that friend who you don’t get to talk to a lot, but when you do, you just pick up where you left off.  One of the nicest guys ever, brilliant architect, and an amazing guitarist.  Leo has the best Ants Marching (Dave Matthews) and La Bamba covers ever!

The O’Donnell

Named after Todd O’Donnell, a huge Otter Mountain supporter and all-around great guy.  I met Todd at banking school about 10-years ago. Both being from the Midwest, we had an instant connection and a shared passion for the outdoors.   Todd is a proud KSU Wildcat, while I have grown to love the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Even still, we’ve remained friends!

The O’Neal

The O’Neal is named after my close friend Zach O’Neal.  Like Zach, The O’Neal is a solid mix of old soul and new flare.  I’ve known Zach for 20-years and this hat reminds me of him, of his solidness, of his wisdom, and true friendship.  He’s also the first person I’ve ever gone “true” down-hill mountain biking with … and, we both survived even with a front-wheel mishap.  Shoutout to Bart at Ski Apache for preventing certain death!

The Surratt

The Surratt, named after my good friend, Johnathan Surratt.  Free-spirited and funny, Johnathan reminds me that there’s always a reason and room, for camouflage.  Hence the naming of this hat.  Johnathan has been invaluable in market testing Otter Mountain gear – from aesthetics to field tests, I always get an honest and valued opinion.  We’ll still agree to disagree that Guinness tastes good!

The Vintage

Gray and white are two of my favorite go-to colors.  This hat was coined The Vintage because it’s that hat that I can wear anytime, anywhere, and to any event (that allows hats).  Classic, vintage.

The Wendell

The Wendell is named for Mr. Wendell Baucom, who I have known for 30+ years.  Like its namesake, The Wendell is solid.  As a kid, Wendell taught me the longest handshake ever, that I still kind of remember today.  Wendell was an early supporter and continues to be a supporter of Otter Mountain.  Another great person who I’ve bounced ideas off of.  Wendell is the kind of guy and family man that a lot of us aspire to be like.  Truth.

The Pagosa

The Pagosa 30L Duffel is named as it is, basically, because I really like Pagosa Springs, CO.  Great town and people, good food, excellent skiing, a really fun place to visit.  One of my favorite places.

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I liked the names, nothing more, nothing less!