My Story

In January 2015, I was let go from a job that I was good at.  Cue the stress, anxiety and financial burdens that go along with being “Let Go”, “Fired”, “RIF’d”, “Downsized”, etc. etc.  It doesn’t matter how it happens, or what it’s called, or what the reason is – the feeling is the same.  At that point, I had been in Banking for around 16-years.  A few months later, I landed another “job” in, you guessed it, Banking.

For years, (ever since my first taste around Creede, CO) I have loved hiking, getting into the mountains and breathing in the fresh air.  From having the opportunity to attend a Banking school in Boulder, CO, to vacationing / skiing in various parts of New Mexico and Colorado, I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to explore.  I’ve also always had a passion to build and create things.  From the early years of playing with Legos, to dreams of being an Architect and so on, the passion to create has always been inside of me.

In various leadership positions over the years, I’ve always tried to encourage others to follow their passions and to chase their dreams.  The problem, I never took my own advice.  It took a punch in the gut, a very uncomfortable situation, to spur me on to begin to chase my own passions.  Little by little, learning one new thing at a time, working nights and lunches, each time taking one new thing away.  When everyone else sees no progress, I see traction.

This became and continues to be Otter Mountain.

My hope for Otter Mountain from Day One has been twofold.  1), to create sweet gear for the outdoor fan – hats, shirts and bags for starters.  I hope to one day get into building other things that I like – hammocks, tents, shoes and who knows what else.  Baby steps.  2), I have a passion to encourage those who are stuck, or feel that they have to settle for what others have told them.  My true hope is that I can encourage others to chase their dreams, to learn new things, to defy the odds and limitations that others have placed on them or that they’ve placed on themselves.

So, in a nutshell, that’s Otter Mountain.  Where we’re heading only time will tell.

Here’s to all of us in the journey ahead!